Rick Clark Cancer

My experience with Carcinoid tumor in the liver and pancreas


If you're looking for information on carcinoid tumors, see www.carcinoid.org, or Dr. Warner's treatise. My symptoms are not very typical of Carcinoid tumors.

[ 0 ] My medical summary (of interest only to doctors)
(More than most folks want to know ...)

01/20/2004 Posted narrative 6 to this site.
01/07/2004 Scheduled sclerosing found more varices again. Posted narrative 5 to this site.
11/25/2003 Bleeding varices again. Just got out of 3 day hospital stay. Posted narrative 4 to this site.
8/19/2003 Had biliary stent replaced. Yellow fading fast.
8/15/2003 Had Abdominal CAT scan done. Updated Medical summary with date ranges.
8/10/2003 Updated Medical summary with blood test results, recent history of fevers, etc...
8/10/2003 We just returned Friday from a two week car trip ...

This story is, like so many others, the story of discovering I have cancer, no insurance to pay for it, and how my family and I are dealing with it. I have placed it on the web particularly so that the many people in the Sturgis community who have helped us can get the details of what we are going through. It also may be of use to other people going through the same general thing.

To be notified of major changes in my condition or additions to this web site, email me at rbclark@pobox.com, and I will add you to my mailing list.

[ 1 ] History, disaster, and diagnosis through 4/17/2003

[ 2 ] 4/17/2003 to 4/30/2003 - Good, bad, and other news. Help from friends, neighbors, and strangers.

[ 3 ] 5/1/2003 to 5/7/2003 - hope, stent, and sepsis.

[ 4 ] 5/7/2003 to 5/19/2003 - Fever, morphine, enema and other fun times.

[ 5 ] 5/20/2003 to 6/08/2003 - The ER of the Month Club.

[ 6 ] 6/09/2003 to 7/08/2003 - Blindness and diet.

I am a bit behind on this journal at the moment. I've been in the hospital once more since the last narrative. I'm trying to catch up. Really I am. Only 6 months left to go!

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