Résumé for Richard Clark

Page 2 - Skill set details

People and Management Skills

Excellent writing skills, both technical and general.
Excellent one-on-one instructional and support skills.
Good understanding of business accounting.
Good experience in evaluating large project business plans.
Some large project management experience.
Some speaking and group instruction experience.
Some employee management experience.


Extensive experience on major projects with the following:

awk script language C language
Ethernet over CAT 5 and fiber FAS Fixed Asset accounting package
Fortran language IP protocol
Jobscope accounting package NTrigue (Citrix Winframe variant)
ME10 CAD system, macros Print Servers (HP Jetdirect, UNIX, Windows)
Proxy Server (Netscape) Quickbooks (Intuit) accounting package
shell (UNIX) script language UNIX (HP, AT&T) OS
Visual Basic (Microsoft Access and Word) Web Server (Apache, Netscape Enterprise)
Windows (Microsoft 95, 98, NT, 2000)

Significant experience on smaller projects or project enhancements with:

assembler (various) AutoCAD CAD system, macros
COBOL language dBASE III+ language
DNS (BIND) Internet name service Excel (Microsoft) spreadsheet, macros
Fax Server (HP) HTML web document language (raw)
Hybrid Fiber/Coax TV and Data systems Lotus spreadsheet, macros
Linux OS Mail Server (Netscape Message)
MPE/iX (HP) Perl
Query (HP Image) database language Remote Access Service (Windows NT)
SQL (HP ISQL) database language Telephone Switching (AT&T 5ESS)
Web Server (Microsoft IIS) Word (Microsoft) word processor, macros
WordPerfect word processor, macros

Some training or minor experience with the following:

C++ language Java programming language
Javascript programming language Netware
Proxy Server (Squid) Routers (Cisco)
SQL Server database (Microsoft)