Sturgis SYSO soccer Boys 8-9 Team R, Fall 2001

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Team "R" Info as of 9/4/2001

Team pictures will be taken during next Tuesday practice (9/11/2001). BRING YOUR TEAM JERSEY! Pictures may cause practice to run a little over.

Chuck Huber (659-5813) has volunteered to be assistant coach, and run a second practice on Fridays at 6:00. Please try to make at least one of the two practices each week.

Game Schedule
Date Day Time Color Snack
9/8 Saturday 1:30 pm Red Christopher Abbs
9/11 Tuesday 6:15 pm (during practice) TEAM PICTURES, BRING JERSEY!
9/15 Saturday 8:30 am Blue Dan Sandford
9/22 Saturday 11:00 am Blue Paulino Hernando
9/29 Saturday 1:30 pm Blue Zachary Huber
10/6 Saturday 1:30 pm Blue Tony Mayer
10/13 Saturday No game!
10/20 Saturday 1:30 pm Red Jason Peterson
10/27 Saturday No game.

Practice from 5:30 to 6:30 Tuesdays, and 6:00 to 7:00 Fridays. Please try to make at least one of the two practices each week. Bring shin guards and a water bottle for your player to games and practice. Also bring black socks and black soccer shorts for games. Soccer shoes with cleats (no toe cleats) are recommended, but not required.

All games and practices are at Wall School fields. Games and practices are on the mid-size field just west of the baseball fences. Please try to arrive for games 15 minutes before the scheduled time, to allow for organization and warm-up.

If it is your turn to bring snacks, bring something quick and refreshing for half-time (fruit pieces or juice boxes are good choices), and something more like a "treat" for after the game.

If your player has allergies or other dietary restrictions, let me (the coach) know so I can help you screen snacks and notify the other snack providers.

Rick Clark
268-3156 (cell)
Asst. Coach
Chuck Huber

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